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Another Big Pivot: Mine!

This is the third in a series about the Big Pivot, women who make big moves after age 50.  When I started interviewing friends about making big changes in their lives after 50—some even during COVID-19—I had no inkling that I would be next. Or at least no conscious inkling that I would be making such a change.  Yet here I am, in Durango, Colorado, where I moved three days ago, to take a job as the opinion editor of the local newspaper, the Durango Herald . Yep. I'm returning to my first love, newspapering. My ministry and chaplaincy will become my a vocation rather than my vocation. It's crazy, right? I'm 64. I had lived in Santa Fe for 32 years. I had a huge support group of friends, a solid client base for my editing and spiritual direction practices, and a couple of regular elder clients whom I helped in a variety of ways. I even had begun this blog, so I wasn't without the opportunity to speak my mind—although who knows how many people are listening to a blog such

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