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What Women Say About Hollis Walker’s Groups

The following are unsolicited comments women have sent Hollis about her groups:

I feel so comfortable and accepted in this great group of women. . . .I just loved our meeting last night. What a perfect group of women. And you are just brilliant and inspiring.  I can’t tell you how perfect our group meeting is for me.

I am feeling so grateful for the support and nourishment of your wonderful creative energy in my life right now. . . .just in time!

It is amazing how complete strangers end up bonding in one way or another in such a short period of time.

I am experiencing how powerful it is to share and have the opportunity to learn from other’s life experiences or feelings. Also, like you say, it helps to put what one is going through into another perspective.

My time with the group has been a great opening to getting back to life.  After two years of digging out from 4th stage cancer I now feel unstuck. I am really full of gratitude to Hollis and to each of you.

Isis Women’s Group Has Openings!

Isis Group supports women seeking transformation in their lives through conscious living. By paying attention to our yearnings and listening to other women’s struggles and successes, we learn how to make peace with ourselves and move forward! This is a small group that meets in a private home, 6:30-8:30 p.m. for eight consecutive sessions. At the end of each eight-week session, new women may join the group, provided there is room. Currently Isis is focused on sharing our dreams and interpreting their meanings for our lives. If you don’t often remember your dreams, don’t worry—once you are actively encouraging them, you will! Please contact me by filling out the contact form on the “Contact” page if you are interested in joining us.


Writing for Our Lives

Writing for Our Lives is a women’s writing group that meets 6-8  p.m. Thursdays. The group provides a safe and supportive atmosphere in which women are encouraged to write about their own lives and to share their writing with others. All forms of personal writing are welcomed including poetry, memoir, essay, fiction, etc. One need not be a published writer or have professional writing experience to participate.

In the group, we will talk about our process of writing and share from what we are currently writing with the group. Writing for Our Lives is a gentle critique group; members can expect to find inspiration and learn a great deal from each other.

Writers are asked to make an eight-week commitment to the group in order to foster intimacy and openness. Fee for the eight-week session is $200 and includes a one-hour private feedback session with Hollis to be scheduled during the eight-week period. The group will meet in a private home.

We write because we want to. . .because we need to. . . and ultimately because we must.  Sharing our writing unlocks yet another door to our own truths and helps lead us to the recovery of our souls. Join Hollis for eight weeks of motivation in Writing for Our LivesPlease contact me if you are interested in joining us:

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